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I’m Cat Garrett. Sharing my new found knowledge day by day as I work toward creating the business I have always dreamed of running. I believe there is more than enough room in the world for everyone’s dreams to become a reality – and that it’s important that they do.

I encourage you to create the world you would choose to live in. May this blog be a useful resource to you.

Recently on the Blog

How to Pick the Best Camera for You

Some of these things may be obvious however it is insanely easy to get carried away when shopping for your next camera and all the kit that is going to go with it. (And before we go any further - Canon is my bias. I'm not sponsored, I just like them. Shh, don't...

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Chill Weekend

I am a recent and avid believer that downtime is essential. Before, I did understand this in theory. Of course, I am very hard-core about whatever I do generally, and tend to dive into things head first. (Like that time on that one water slide: I fell through the hole into the plunge pool…head first. Oh. My. Days.)

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The Magic Effect of an Amazing Day Off

Taking a day off gives you some much-needed downtime. Just as your body needs sleep - your heart rate drops allowing your heart a much-needed breather in order to function fully the next day - you as a person need to go at a slower pace of life at least one day each...

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