I’m Cat Garrett and it’s so great to see you here.

Solopreneur, entrepreneur, wayward dreamer. Call me what you will. I am a hard working woman who endeavours to do as well as I am able in as much as I am able.

Currently, I am a blogger, as well as an author and illustrator of a new webcomic – Sass on Tapas Media.

This blog was created on a foundation of my sincere and simple love of blogging about business and storytelling.

My goal here is to share all my knowledge and experiences. I am not naturally fabulous at anything. I work hard to figure out the best way to do things and have a lot of research hours spent collating useful information. I want to save you time and get you being as productive in chasing your goals as any human ever could be.

My goal is to help you – yes, you! By sharing my knowledge with you, giving you resources, divulging all my experiences so you won’t make the same mistakes and have a good laugh. All the while developing my storytelling and visual skills…and coaxing my own business along (still in production in the backend).

A brief History of Me

Previously, I studied Animation at university and did rather well there. You can find my student film here.

After graduating and a few months of job hunting, I went on to work at my old secondary school. (That was weird but fun.) That came to an end, and I moved on to do a business start-up course with the Prince’s Trust.

It was great, but there was so much to learn and do. I just didn’t have the confidence that I could pull it off right away. (Plus…peer pressure.)

I job hunted some more before moving on to work with the University of Warwick, as a graduate multimedia production assistant – such a mouthful! (Which just means if it involved media – be it audio, video, graphics, content, print or online – that was my job domain.)

While I enjoyed my work, it was also on contract. Before it came to an end (and afterwards) I searched high and low job hunting. Alas, the right opportunity did not (and has yet to) come along. So, I ended up having to pack up my everything into my tiny car and bootleg it back to my parents’ house in Northern Ireland.

Once more, I was at a crossroads. I considered my business idea again, and here we are! I am so determined this time, though the allure of a 9-5 job is still strong…

Working hard, building up my business savvy day by day.

Yes to Blogging – And All the Extra Bits

I LOVE blogging and the extra bits that that entails. Sometimes I find myself rolling my eyes at myself over just how much! (Perhaps it’s a tad cringe-worthy.)

These are the bits I am talking about:

  • Designing layouts for my blog & posts (even if it means going into the code)
  • Creating useful posts
  • Taking interesting and engaging photographs for posts
  • Creating beautiful, visually stimulating products
  • Serving my creative skills to others

I love it all.

I advocate for blogging, too. It’s a great way to share your experiences, build a personal or business brand, and share something special of you with the world.

Sharing Knowledge

In order to become more business savvy, I have and am learning a lot of things as I go. Things I strongly suspect we can both benefit from.

I take a good look at:

  • Productivity to make the most of time, resources & energy
  • Staying healthy & active to be at the top of your game
  • Tech knowledge – finding the best products for you
  • Branding to boost your business – whether that’s for your own or to help at work
  • Marketing – how to establish who your audience is and grow engagement
  • And so much more to benefit your lifestyle

This is All for You

I don’t know if you are trying to start a business, have a business or make being a professional your business, but I created this blog 100% for you.

Become more productive, positive and inspired and get reading now!

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