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I’m Cat Garrett. Sharing my new found knowledge day by day as I work toward creating the business I have always dreamed of running. I believe there is more than enough room in the world for everyone’s dreams to become a reality – and that it’s important that they do.

I encourage you to create the world you would choose to live in. May this blog be a useful resource to you.

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What Ever Happened To Webcomic Sass?

Whatever happened to the webcomic Sass? I mean, the author put it on hiatus last Autumn and she PROMISED she’d bring it back by December 2017. I mean, remember this? Sure, she did release an update on the last possible day of the month, but there has been nothing...

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Sunday Letters: Exciting Announcement! Rebrand is on the Way!

Exciting announcement! A rebrand is on the way for this blog and with it will come more frequent updates in terms of art, Sass webcomic, and the “secret project”. I have been really working hard on the main “secret project” these past few months and, unfortunately,...

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Sunday Letters: Balance Multiple Ambitions

It is no mean feat to balance multiple ambitions at once. It is something which I am currently striving for myself, and a lot of the posts you will find here discuss some of the methods I am currently using to get things done. And done well. You can read some of these...

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A life, no matter how seemingly plain or unexciting, is truly exceptionally interesting.

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A life, no matter how seemingly plain or unexciting, is truly exceptionally interesting.

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Sunday Letters: Model Success or No?

It’s a regular Sunday today. Grey skies blanket the world below. Brief bursts of April showers fall now and again, but never enough to soak the ground. Gentle lofi plays while I sip my americano – a jazz and hip-hop mix. To “Model Success” or No? This week...

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Top 18 Simple Techniques To Defeat Stress

Chasing your dreams is never easy. In fact, it is super stressful. Working harder than ever because you are so passionate about what you are doing. But being so focused and driven on achieving results, you can leave yourself vulnerable to poor lifestyle decisions.All...

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Catch-Up on the Webcomic…

Read Webcomic Sass

Follow along as young Josephine attempts to thwart her Mafia babysitters and take over the world – by any means necessary. She just has to make sure she doesn’t get caught.

How hard could it be?

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