Hello! I am Cat Garrett. Delighted to meet you!

I am a creative solopreneur, founder of the “Secret Project“, creator of webcomic “Sass” and writer of this blog.

Delve into the behind-the-scenes on all the projects, discover practical productivity and business tips, and come along on the day to day journey of an independent creative.

Do connect with me and let’s keep in touch! You can find me on social media (pretty much everywhere) under the handle @ImaRoxtaar. ( “ImaRoxtaar” because I thought it would be fun if you had to call yourself a rockstar before talking to me. It’s the little things!)

Stay awhile and take a look around.


The Secret Project

You will find me talking about a mysterious and  “Secret Project” here and there.

But what is it all about?

My first and foremost calling is animation. But I need a way to do that and abide by my core ethos: being able to self-initiate projects, delve into detail and have a clear overview of all the parts.

Therefore, I am working on a way that I can create such animations, plus are both useful and intrinsically fun to watch.

So if it gets quiet around here, I am working on something on the Secret Project. Please bear with.

Thank you!


Meet “just a little attitude”Josephine.

She’s bright, impatient and full of big ideas. Her dream? To take over the world and have all the “peons” grovel at her feet.

if she’s so smart and eager, why hasn’t she done it yet? Well, there is just one small problem: her mafia babysitters!

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