So I sat down and designed a series of 8 unique Mother’s Day cards,  each has its own charm.

I couldn’t get her a huge gift this year, but what I could afford to give, I made that extra bit special.

Next year, you might want to pick up one of these cards in the UK. In the US, it has yet to arrive – 14th May 2017. (Don’t forget! )

Shop Mother’s Day Cards US Style!

Once you have picked out the card you like, and the order will be fulfilled via fotomoto. Items will be delivered similarly to as shown below.

The packaging for a single card comes with a warning that it is fragile and should not be bent, the content being classified as “photos”. Inside, the card is in a clear wrap along with the envelope, unless you have ordered the postcard variety.

Aside from getting a card for my mother was unique, I wanted to test the quality of the cards. They turned out pretty okay in the flesh! (UK version is shown.)

Order one by visiting the shop:

Shop Mother’s Day Cards US Style!


Make your mom smile this Mother’s Day.

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