Something lurking this way comes! Prepared for some trouble…? Clicking on the image will take you over to for this episode page. You can scroll through the comic a little easier there.




Sass Episode 7 Prepared - web comic by ImaRoxtaar



Hope you like this weeks episode! Three of perhaps more new characters have just popped up this week. Who are they? Where did they come from? What do they want?! I have no idea!

…Just kidding. Of course I know what they are up to. Just hyping you up for whenever the next episode comes out. I’ll try my best to keep on schedule, but I’m going on holiday soon which might affect this web comic. However, that only means I need to plan ahead and be prepared! I’m sure I can manage something. ?Hmm hm  hm ?

Even though my little brother doesn’t read my blog or comic, as today is his birthday I’m dedicating this to him. Happy Birthday Baby Bro \(^.^)/

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