Taking a day off gives you some much-needed downtime. Just as your body needs sleep – your heart rate drops allowing your heart a much-needed breather in order to function fully the next day – you as a person need to go at a slower pace of life at least one day each and every week.

Your imagination, inspirations and overall mental capacity needs time to slow down and collect itself.

Repair missing motivation. Refresh your mental, spiritual, emotional, even your physical reservoirs. This enables you to reload your ambitions for your most successful week yet.


Activate Robot Mode…!

When you suddenly find yourself actively pursuing your dreams. When you are a solopreneur, or an entrepreneur, going it alone or have a small team with you, it can be sorely tempting to ignore these aspects of yourself as a human being.

Suddenly, the pressure is on. The task seems so overwhelming and daunting.

So you go all in – with your time and hard work. Literally everything you have emotionally, mentally physically and more.

You throw it all, relentlessly, at your dream, you goals and ambitions.

No Amazing Day Off for Tiny RobotYou find you are convincing yourself that you are a robot.

You’ll be fine without a day off.

You’ll be a-okay just working.

It’s only until you get this done.

It’s only temporary.


ERROR: Not a Robot

For the past couple of months (I am not going to be specific as I don’t want to think about how much time I have wasted on this) this is exactly what I have been convincing myself to do.

I would work long into the night. Perhaps not all on what would be classed as productive work, sometimes just on “busy” things. Anything to feel like I was moving forward. In order to learn, to grow.

In order to be done and just be successful that little bit sooner.

I can tell you right now – it never worked out for long. And that was even with trial and error. Constantly, I have been running at this wall – of just doing that bit more and doing it now. Doing my absolute utmost to operate as a machine.

I’d even try to not sleep. This was even despite all those productivity podcast I love listening to discussing the benefits of good, restful sleep. How it boosted concentration and amplified focus, enabling you to work smarter and more efficiently.

Work, work, work. Get it done. This was my mindset. This was all that mattered.

It still is. But now, I have finally learned the magic effect of an amazing day off.

First of all: I understand you. Getting to the place to allow yourself time off – mentally or otherwise – is incredibly hard. Family pressures, incoming bills large and small, societal pressure, general speculation and more.

Dealing with:

“Yes, others can and have chased their dreams and succeeded. But…you?”

in all its forms.

You have to give yourself the space and separation from the stress and demands of your work.

Your ambitions and dreams are tiring enough during the week and you have only a finite supply of energy and time. Give yourself a full day a week to lay your burdens down.

And just live.

My Day OFF (Finally!)

I did this for the first time only two weeks ago. And let me tell you – it was wondrous and magical and phenomenal.

Honestly, though I work from home and was in essence still in my workplace this particular Sunday morning, I felt like I was miles away.

The sky was a little grey, but the air was clear.

This was my day.

I could do whatever I liked.

So I had tea with buttery, toasted pancakes for breakfast. I ate slowly, savouring each bite, every sip.

I breathed deep. Smiled – just because.

I spent the morning with my parents and younger brother who’s just back from University.

Dusted off my games console remote, plugged it into my Mac, and played Skyrim. (I love Skyrim.)

We went off that evening and visited Granny at her house.

And through it all, I was 100% present. I didn’t let myself worry, or stress or freak out about all the work that I still had to do.

This day was mine.

It was late when we got back. I knew it would have a knock-on effect on my Monday morning. I knew, but I didn’t mind.


I was refreshed.

My motivation was repaired.

And my ambitions were reloaded to make the coming week work for me.

It was one of the absolute best productive weeks I have ever had.

So, tell me this: isn’t it about time that you gave yourself a day off?

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