In life, there are always things that we want to achieve. Whether it’s a pay raise, establishing your own business, going on holiday, being healthier or more active in the community. In order to achieve them, we write goals. Let’s talk about how you can write goals that work for you.

PRO TIP #1: Write Goals Down

The first step to creating an awesome set of goals that work for you, is to write down the things that you want to achieve. Things that your really, truly want are much easier to pursue and consequently succeed in.

Write down the things that make you excited at the possibility of it becoming apart of your life.

PRO TIP #2: Categorise Your Desires

You’ll have a tonne of things that you want to achieve. That’s normal. Adding structure creates a roadmap to succeeding in making them happen. Break your goals down into the following categories:

There are five main categories:

  • Work
  • Family
  • Health
  • Friends
  • Spiritual

Which can be expanded out into these 8 categories I go by when creating goals for a year:

  • Health & Body
  • Emotional, Spiritual & Personal Growth
  • Intimate Relationship
  • Social & Fun
  • Family & Friends
  • Work & Career
  • Money & Finances
  • Community & Giving

Assign each of your goals a category, and write them out again. Writing things by hand makes it stick in your mind better, thereby increasing the chances of success.

PRO TIP #3: Nothing Happens Without a Reason

However briefly, it is good practice to write down why you want to achieve a particular goal. When the going gets tough, its good to have a base to go back to and remind yourself why you are putting in the effort you are.

PRO TIP #4: Time to Get SMART About Goals

Now that you have your goals sketched out by category, it’s time to refine them down into something more actionable.

Be Specific.

Take the idea: “I want to lose weight”, for example. This can become more specific, by detailing the method in which you are going to make it happen. I will exercise for an hour every other day, for example, and stop eating my weight in chocolate, marshmallows and Tayto crisps each month.

Make it Measurable.

Same example, but now we add on how much weight to lose. That could be 20kg. It could be 15kg. Which quickly leads us into out next point.

Stay actionable and Realistic with it.

Don’t make it such a huge change that it makes the task harder than it has to be. Equally, keep it inline with something that can be down. For example, an average adult should not aim to have a body weight of less than what is healthy.

Add a pinch of reality to your goals.

Put a Time to it.

Humans can do nothing without a deadline. This is true of me, at least. Without a time limit it’s impossible to make your goal a priority to complete. Again, if you want to loose weight, put a deadline to it. Don’t make the time to weight loss ration too steep. Make this reasonable and actionable, also.

PRO TIP #5: Have a Regular Progress Check-In

Nothing is going to move in the right direction for very long unless you monitor it. Remind yourself of your goals and your purpose for achieving them each day.

Check in with your goals each week and review if there are things that are causing you to slip up. Then make a plan to resolve it.

As time goes on, you will be able to look back and see how far you have come. It is such a boost to your motivation, and makes completing your goals seem that much more possible and, dare I say, fun.


As repetition makes things stick and summaries can make things easier when looking back, here we go!

  • Write goals down – everything you want to achieve
  • Categorise what you want to get done
  • Articulate why you want to achieve each goal
  • Refine your goals: specify, measurable, actionable and realistic, time them
  • Schedule a daily reminders and weekly progress reviews

To wrap up, your basic actionable goal looks like this:


To + VERB + DESIRE + through + METHOD + by + DEADLINE.


Happy goal writing!

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