5 Reasons I Simply Love Blogging

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I may be no blogging expert just yet, but that doesn’t mean I don’t thoroughly enjoy it. While I still have a lot to learn about creating useful and engaging content, here are some simple reasons I continue to love blogging.

1: Writing

Sometimes I get an overwhelming urge to write. For no other reason than to put words on a page. Strangely, this simple act brings me immense joy.

2: Layout Design

Can this even be considered a reason? Since I have acquired Divi the options in terms of blog website and post layout design has grown hugely. Finding out which way round visuals and blocks of writing work best is interesting. It’s also useful practice for the web development course I’m taking on Udemy.

3: Creating Visual Assets

I love creating visuals. Having a place to put them is strong motivation to not only keep creating but to have some structure behind the creation. If there is a purpose you can be so much more deliberate and thoughtful with what you make. Sometimes this also means being even more creative.

4: A Place to Share

That there is somewhere that I can share what I learn, my thoughts and experiences is a powerful thing. I enjoy that I can share my new found knowledge, relate my (sometimes weird) experiences, and generally make an effort to making the world a better and more enjoyable.

5: Reason to Learn

Humans, let’s be honest, are hardwired to be curious. To invent, to explore, and to learn. Having a blog on topics that you are interested in gives you permission to research, collate, analyse to your heart’s content on something that you really care about.

Yep, I Love Blogging – Even the Weird Bits

There you have my five simple reasons that I love blogging! What are your reasons to blog? I would love to hear about them – tell me in the comments below.

If you are considering blogging but still aren’t sure, try reading 4 Myths About Blogging & Why You Should Start.

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