3 Quick Tips to Set Success Milestones That Work

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Milestones are key points that signify significant progress toward your goals. Milestones that work encourage you to go the distance.

They are important navigational points and the way markers to success. Achieving them will grow your motivation and nurture your determination to succeed.

How to Set Milestones That Work

1: Keep them Realistic

Be ambitious with your milestones, yes, but remember to keep them achievable. Stretch too far and you increase your risk of self-sabotage, too close and they won’t inspire you to push yourself. As you succeed with them, you fuel your commitment to the larger, overarching goal.

2: Make them Measurable

A milestone can only exist as a way marker if it has a defined unit of measurement. It informs you of how far you have come, and therefore how much closer your destination has become.

3: Make them Actionable

It is tempting in areas such as social media to set a goal and subsequently a milestone of x number of followers. However, while this is a good metric as a ball park figure, remember it is also something you have no control over.

Your milestones should really be self-actionable. You have no control over other people’s actions or choices; you cannot force them to sign up to your blog, service, social media channels.

Putting too much stock into what is only an indictor for if you are reaching your audience and how well you are engaging them, will ultimately only lead to disappointment.

Help Yourself Finish

How do you feel when you hit that milestone target? It’s refreshing, right? I’d love to hear about your successes and struggles below. Share your experiences as it may well encourage another to keep trying and conquer their goals.

No matter what, always keep going. Failure only happens when you quit. I am so sure that you have this in the bag and am here to help in any way that I can.

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