5 Helpful and Realistic Resolutions for a Better 2018

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It’s the first day of the New Year and I wonder if you have this New Year’s resolutions at the ready?

Who knows what it is about the turning of the planet that gets us so hyped up.

But what is for certain is that you feel like you get a little extra boost in the motivation department to make a change in your life.

A change for good.

Here are some quick ideas to get you started on this bank holiday and the first day of the year.

1. Make a List of 52 Places You Want to Visit This Year

Make a List of 52 Places You Want to Visit This Year

Whether that is to somewhere close by like a coffee shop or head a little further out of town and finally talking that forest walk you’ve always wanted to.

Maybe even taking that trip you have been dreaming of for so long.

Make 2018 the year you just go.

2. Make a List of Experiences You Want to Try

Make a List of Experiences You Want to Try

This is similar to the last point, but rather than going to a place and being there, but going and doing something.

Some items will overlap with your previous list, but that’s okay.

It’s double the motivation to do that one thing.

Take the time to do those things you always wanted to try: whether it’s skydiving or a calligraphy class.

3. Sign Up for Volunteering

Sign Up for Volunteering

You are a wonderful person with many skills and a giving heart.

Make this the year you put your heart and skills where you can and be more active in your community by volunteering.

Whether that’s helping out in a local charity or offering your skills in some other way, this is a great way to give back. It can also help your own overall happiness.

If you are already volunteering – well done!

4. Make a Promise to Take Self Care Seriously

Make a Promise to Take Self Care Seriously

This year, I would like you to promise me something:

That you will take the time, every day, to do something for yourself and just be.

Whether that’s taking a candlelit bubble bath with a glass of wine, or a few moments taking a deep breath in the open air.

Do something that increases your overall contentment. Allow yourself a few moments to just be, rather than rushing and making yourself “busy”.

5. Be More Forgiving of Yourself and Others

Be More Forgiving of Yourself and Others

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy and hold regrets deeply in our hearts and minds.

Make this year the beginning of giving yourself more grace.

Extend this grace to others also, and you will be amazed at how much lighter, more focused and motivated you will feel in even the most mundane areas of your life.


What are your resolutions?

Well – those are my realistic New Year’s resolutions I think you should try. What are your resolutions? Do share them in the comment section below – I would love to read them!

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