5 Simple & Fun Ways to Beat Creative Block

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Sometimes, as creators, we can get stuck in a “creative block”. Below I have included 5 fun and simple ways to beat creative block and get back into your creative flow.

1: Fortunately, Unfortunately

Write a short story wherein each sentence begins with either “fortunately” or “unfortunately”.

Really put your imagination to work and see how far you can get and what kind of worlds you build up.


Fortunately, the frog managed to get away from his would-be captor, although it was a close call.

Unfortunately for the child, he could only rub his small sticky hands against the britches of his dungarees, distraught he didn’t get to show his friend.

Fortunately, his friend, the daughter little girl next door, wasn’t so keen on things small and green like frogs.

2: What if-?

“What if-?” is another fun exercise for your imagination to get ticking over. This game can be played anywhere, and can be most fun when you are out for a walk or people watching.

Simply take “what if-?” and finish the question with any scenario you can think of.


Setting: I’m walking down the street to get coffee.

What if – I’m actually a spy? So, I’m going there to exchange information with a contact.

Suddenly, the way I walk changes. I become more careful. Look around for anyone tailing me.

What if – I sense I’m being followed? I must lose them before I hit the coffee shop.

Subtly, I change course.

What if – I’m not a spy for an earth agency, but am actually an alien scout sent to analyse the human race. My mission: to check intelligence and capacity for reason.

I look around and think about the motives of what people are doing. How would it appear to me? Good? Compassionate? What customs would I be most curious about?

3: Anthropomorphise an Object

Take a random, inanimate object and place it in front of you.

Got one? Great!

Now build a character for it.

Consider: What sort of personality does it have? How does it move?

Take it a step further and have a conversation with it. Introduce yourself and imagine it introduces itself back, and go from there. Or grab a second object and have the two new characters have a convo.

What sorts of things do you/they talk about?

You’ll be surprised by the things you come up with.

Some of it might even be usable in a future project.

You never know…

4: Yes, And –

This game is usually best played with another person but can work equally well alone.

You begin with a simple sentence. Thereafter, every single sentence must begin with “yes, and”.


The sky was blue.

Yes, and it was lovely.

Yes, and I went to the park to draw people feeding the ducks.

Yes, and I brought a picnic along for lunch.

Yes, and while we weren’t looking, a goose found it and helped itself.

Yes, and we had such a time getting the goose to give the hamper back!

Yes, and it was so funny – we were falling over ourselves trying to avoid being pecked!

Yes, and eventually we had to get the park ranger to help us.

The trick to this is to keep each sentence positive.

Side note: if playing as a game with others, you lose if you deviate from “yes, and”.

5: Get Inside Someone Else’s Head

Pretend you are someone else you know for an hour. Your best friend or a sibling, for example. If that’s too weird or hard, make up a character instead.

Now have this character or persona create something in your field.

What sort of stories would they come up with? How would the draw it? If it was a film, how would they approach it? What colours, what style and themes would they use?

Change your character and do the same thing over again.

This character morphing can really get you thinking about how other’s think.

And you may end up coming up with something you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Also, it’s a good way to expand on your character motivations and reactions in stories, generally.

And with that, you should be able to beat creative block in a creative and fun way. Do you have any particular techniques for getting over a creative block? Share them in the comments below!

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