Gratitude is the simple but beautiful art of staying humble, grounded and happy in life. It fuels your inner happiness and that bubbly feeling that makes your eyes sparkle with the joy of being alive. Below, I have included 10 simple things you can be grateful for.

There is much wisdom in saying thank you, in being grateful for all that you have. Even if it’s not the sum total of everything that you would like to have; even if it’s not a lot.

Take time every now and then to stop and look around at your life. To appreciate all that you have and those who you have in your life.

I recommend writing down in a dedicated location all the things that cause you joy can boost your mood. Both when you are happy and content as well as providing a reference point when you are feeling down and lost.

So, here are 10 simple things that you can be grateful for to get you started.

1. Your Friends & Family

Always take time to appreciate the support group you have in your life. No matter who they are or how large the pool, your friends and family are a blessing. Take a moment to appreciate who you have in your life.

2. Every New Day

Every new day is a fresh start. A new opportunity to start over. A chance to make a change, to step out into the world and make a change in the world, your world, for the better.

3. Your Health

No matter what, you can’t do very much if you are feeling poorly. And no matter how poorly you are feeling it could always be worse.

Health is what lets you do you; it lets you do what you want both now and in the future. So, look after it: health is wealth as they say.

4. Your Intelligence

You don’t have to be Albert Einstein to be considered intelligent. No matter how long it takes you to work through to the end of a project, be glad for the smarts you have to work through it. No matter how long or how hard it is.

Perseverance, sometimes, is what true intelligence is made of.

5. The First Signs of The New Season

Pause in your hectic running around to take in the signs of the new season coming in.

The flowers as they begin to peak out into the world, the new leaf buds on the trees. Returning migratory birds singing. You’ll find yourself refreshed.

6. The Morning Sunlight

When the early morning sunlight hits your skin, your brain renews its supply of serotonin – the hormone that is associated with joy and happiness. For more on this, read my post on the 3 benefits of morning sunshine.

7. All of the Smell & Sights & Sounds

Be still and breathe. Notice all the smells, the sights and sounds of the moment that you are living in right now. It’s as unique as you are, it’s fleeting, and immersively your now. How strange and wonderful is that?

8. The Clothes on Your Back

No matter how old or how new, be glad that you have something to wear. Something that keeps you warm and maybe even shows your personality.

Clothes are temporary: they wear and tear and can be changed if need be. Be glad and confident even if you don’t particularly like what you are wearing.

9. Your Mistakes

Don’t freak out when things go wrong or let them get you down. Mistakes are lessons that, if you take a moment to reflect on, you can learn from.

Summarise the lessons, take them on board, and move on with the fresh knowledge and wisdom.

10. You Are Alive!

No matter what, as long as you are alive you can do something to have an impact, to experience things, to go visit places that are foreign and exotic to you. Be appreciative that you can!

And there you have 10 simple things you can be grateful for! What are the things that fill you with thankfulness and gratitude? Do share them in the comments below, I’d love to read them.

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