What Ever Happened To Webcomic Sass?

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Whatever happened to the webcomic Sass? I mean, the author put it on hiatus last Autumn and she PROMISED she’d bring it back by December 2017.

I mean, remember this?

Sass Goes on Hiatus Announcement

Sure, she did release an update on the last possible day of the month, but there has been nothing since.

Now it’s August already. It’s almost Autumn again.

Like, what is up with this?

…First of all, and most importantly, hello.

These past few months I have been up to my eyeballs in other work. Other work, which is entirely of my own creation. Other work that I could have done less of – and not get fired. (Because I am self-employed. It doesn’t really work like that.)

But I still “ignored” Sass.

Okay. Let’s be real and try that again.

I. Ignored. Sass.

But WHY? And more importantly, BUT WHY?

Have I ever told you about… the Secret Project?

It’s this other project, or more accurately: it’s a start-up business.

What’s it about? I’ll let you know in another post, because that’s not the focus right now.

I, as a person, have been rather frantic in my approach to getting the Secret Project up and running. It’s extortionately demanding. As a result, I have had little to no time for anything else.

I apologise for the neglect, but other things got neglected, too. Like everything else.

So. What now?

The plot has, in truth, been getting more attention than the rest of the comic. Thus, it hasn’t been entirely neglected and is likely to start up again soon. Soon-ish.

When I have some time back from completing the coding work of the Secret Project, I will be able to return to my home ground of drawing, writing and animating.

Until then:

To Be Continued…

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