Secret Project Update #01

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Well, hullo there!

It is more or less the middle of October, and I have made soooo much progress in the Secret Project than the last time I posted here. If you were allowed behind the scenes, you too would be amazed! 🙂

but I’m too shy and nervous to share too much here. I have this notion that if I say anything, the bubble will pop, and I’ll wake up from this dream – and be back to square one!

So here is a quick rundown of what I have been doing. I’ll make this so super quick as I want to get back to work to work – it’s 5:30pm GMT and I wanna get back to work before 6pm if at all possible.

So, so, so. What is the Secret Project again? What am I allowed to tell you..? Oh yes, you know it’s to do with animation and there is perhaps coding involved. (There is definitely coding involved… and a lot of it!)

I’m sorry if I have been excessively secretive: I am just one of those people who feels that the “answer” is so obvious about what I’m up to that if I say one more word, you’ll figure it out! And then it won’t be a secret anymore, will it?

What I am developing is a very custom site wherein I can post animations. And with Christmas coming up, I thought I’d make a Christmas film…I just hope I get it done in time! Again, I am running into the issue of adding too many parts to the story and it keeps getting longer.

Ha, ha, ha. I was warned about doing that at the university course I attended. But there is no-one to stop me here. Except, maybe myself. But I am just so excited to make this, that I can’t help but add this element, and that camera angle, and so on…!

It’s going to be breathtaking…either in a good way or a bad and messy way. In the end, at least it will be done and I can get on with the next bit!

I don’t have any nice visuals to show you, which makes me sad. I want to keep you up to date with it, so I will probably have something nice for you to look at this weekend. But I’m not making any promises!

Until then, it’s 5:56pm time for me to get back to work. 🙂

P.S. I am participating in InkTober. You can follow my Instagram to get updated on that or stay tuned, as I will be posting a gallery of all the pictures together at the end of the month.

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