A full Page Bullet Journal Quote

Occasionally I will add a full page quote into my bullet journal. I say “quote” here, rather loosely as I haven’t actually quoted anyone for this. It is a general paraphrasing of the saying:

“do unto others as you would have them do to you”

mixed with a little bit of

“don’t judge a person until you have walked two moons in their moccasins”.

Adding a little bit if an outdoorsy, adventuresque twist.

My Bullet Journal Quote of the Week:

Every journey is different.

Some paths run parallel

and never meet.

Others cross once and never again.

Some take you straight up the mountain,

While others dip down into the valley and

Meander through seemingly endless caves.

Be ever patient and kind;

Be the light you’d like to find in the dark caves;

Be the shout of encouragement from the mountaintop.

For when you are down and in the dark,

Someone will be the light and encouragement for you.

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