InkTober 2018 Challenge

by | Nov 12, 2018 | Art Work & Comic Updates | 0 comments

Thoughts on InkTober 2018

InkTober is a really interesting creative challenge. Participating for the first time this year, I was pleased to get as far as day 20 before dropping out.

I enjoyed the challenge for several reasons: how to interpret the word prompt and making time to complete a response piece.

I alternated in my approach to the word prompt by examining it through various lenses: from the perspective of Sass and the characters of that comic, from my own perspective and from the perspective of brainstorming story ideas, such as with my response to day 8, Star: “Sea of Stars”.

As for finding the time to complete a response piece: it became impossibly difficult. My main work, the coding of the Secret Project and the animation pieces for that grew increasingly demanding. As such, I ended up ending the InkTober challenge early.

My key takeaway lessons have been: a stronger sense of “good enough”, when to call it a day on a piece and better time management as each piece had a shorter and shorter amount of time to complete. Before prioritisation took it out of the picture completely.

I don’t think I have made a massive improvement in my art techniques, but I did surprise myself as I usually work digitally. Drawing on paper was a lot easier than I remembered it being…!

Maybe I will see more improvement next year. 🙂

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