Secret Project Update # 03: It’s a Web App!

by | Jan 17, 2019 | Secret Project | 0 comments

With a light dusting of snow on the ground, I feel even more excited to get to work today. There is just something about the cold weather when it brings snow that feels so magically playful; the sight, smell and feel of it ignites my imagination anew.

Today, on this (slightly) snowy day – with more snow promised to come – I am so excited to work on the visual structure of the Secret Project’s house. (The CSS styling and such.)

I think that has been another one of those things that has ultimately been holding this project back. I have been committed to doing this project “properly”: going through the development in a function first, visuals second way. But, If the visuals don’t gel, the functions may need altering in the code: where they are placed and who they take to.

I feel that coding functionality without visuals is akin to painting in values, and adding the colour back in later. It’s a useful learning practice, but it extinguishes the creativity, spontaneity and playfulness that engages with people on a level that cannot be explained easily.

That free flowing creativity takes no prisoners, it’s all or nothing.

Thankfully, it has helped me at least become a reasonably competent coder, so not all that time has been wasted. But my creative side has languished and demands to take the floor now.

So, here we are and I’m working on the visuals of the web app today. That’s right, the Secret Project is a web app, but you already new that from the title. 😉

Excited to have it finished and out there in the world, I am actually moving it up and working on it earlier than scheduled today. Schedules only work if they work for you.

And, in keeping with following my own creative compass this year, I am also a bit nervous that there may be another web app forming on the peripherals of my creative vision. But…just this one first?

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