Sometimes I think I’m a bad artist. Other times, I know I am.

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Sometimes I think I’m a bad artist. Other times, I know I am.

All creatives have their good days and bad days, just like everybody else.

Unfortunately, there are times when we fall into a pit of self pity. The reasons (and methods: some choose to spiral, others throw themselves in via despair, others just “find” themselves there…) can be numerous, and the consequences to ourselves and our careers the sum and magnitude of that list. Largely depending on how long we leave ourselves there, in said pit.

Perhaps it’s just actual fatigue. Or too much social media. Maybe it was an examination your work for improvement and finding none.

Perchance, a foray into an experimental (or not) art series which turned into a slaughterhouse of failed art pieces – to which you will never grant the light of day.

Far too much comparison.

All of those – and more. Like hunger. When did you last eat a proper meal – with vegetables and unidentifiable-green-things that seem to scream “healthy”?

So. What are you going to do about it?

I guess you could wallow in self-pity for a while. That may read as sarcasm. It is and it isn’t. There is, after all, the benefit of excreting the chemicals in your brain that are causing some or all of this feeling. Sometimes that is necessary. Cry for a bit and see what happens.

Maybe you just need a hug.

And maybe you need to walk around a supermarket, collect fresh ingredients and cook for yourself. Or get enough ingredients for two or more and ask a capable cook in your friend circle to help you. (Or just ask them nicely to cook for you. Whatever works.)

If you are looking at social media and feeling miserable, you are doing it wrong. Please hang up, and try again later.

Still,  whether any of that has helped or not, it’s probably better to get an early night. I think you might have been staying up too late working on those “failed” art pieces. Clearly, that time of night isn’t working for you at the moment.

Get some rest.

If you’re still feeling down, maybe this will help:

And if that only helped a little, here’s a nicer article than this one, which might actually help: a nicer article.


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