The Day I Discovered Scrivener.

by | Apr 17, 2019 | Creative Techniques | 0 comments

It was a slow day. I had been debating on starting a crime-like plot board for ETR, but was hesitant to plaster a surface and have the post-it notes fall. Or have to move it out of the way later.

And Apple Pages and Microsoft Word – while each were good and functional, just weren’t cutting the cake for me.

So, as I was perusing YouTube, I ended up watching some videos on writing techniques – which was a beautiful blessing, and very weird, as while I do write it is not my main focus of work – so who knows why the algorithm recommended it. (Nor is it the sharpest blade in the arsenal….but, I digress.)

Something wherein I can keep the plot together, the notes, character write-ups and such. And see all of those pieces at the same time. It would be such an invaluable thing. While I do advocate keeping a notebook for your plots and such, I am always losing mine. Usually under one of the many piles – of books, notebooks, sketchbooks, loose sketches etc, etc, – that I can never find it when I need it.

Yes, I know. I do probably just need to be more organised.

And So Entered Scrivener…

But there are so many wonderful things about tools such as Scrivener, that I would find unendingly useful. The overall project word count, the word count tracker for that day’s work, setting daily goals.

And just having all your pieces of work in the one project, where you can easily access them. All those bits: the notes, character details, plot scenes and more. It can really save the headache of spreading such articles over multiple documents (and sometimes multiple softwares) to avoid large file corruption – which can happen with either of my aforementioned tools.

So, I downloaded the free trial today. I am going to look up a couple of videos on how to get the most out of this piece of software. Then, I can get as much out of this free trial as possible.

That the trial allows for 30 actual days of use – rather than starting the conventional timer of 30 calendar days from either downloading/installing/first opening the app – is more than a welcome change.

And, if I am happy with the product when the trial is over, Scrivener has the added benefit of being affordable.

What a great turn that this day has taken.

And now, back to what I was previously doing – which was blasting through a course in Udemy in hopes of attaining some useful information that might help my current coding qualms.

Until later.


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