Hello! I am Cat Garrett. Delighted to meet you!

I’m a creative solopreneur, hard at work building a business, herein the blog I refer to as the “Secret Project”. I’ll slowly be revealing more and more about it as it ripens into a launchable site/service/product.

Stay tuned! I’m sure you’ll love it.

Also, I create a webcomic titled “Sass”. It is the first in what I hope to be a collection of several titles. It’s coming off hiatus soon, so be sure to get up to speed before it starts up again!

You can find behind the scenes, sneak peaks of both the Secret Project and Sass, all on the blog.

Additionally, the blog is all but brimming with practical posts on productivity and creative business essential knowledge and techniques because of these endeavours, which you may find both informative and entertaining.

Do connect with me and let’s keep in touch! You can find me on social media (pretty much everywhere) under the handle @ImaRoxtaar. ( “ImaRoxtaar” because I thought it would be fun if you had to call yourself a rockstar before talking to me. It’s the little things!)


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