Do you work to live – or live to work? It can be so frustrating when you love taking time to yourself and just living life – but you also have so many ambitions + ideas + plans + just things to do…There’s just no way you can have it all. Is there?

Hi there! My name is Cat Garrett and like you, I want to have it all. I am a solopreneur – working 80-100+ weeks to bring my dreams into reality + breathe my business to life. BUT, I also value my time to just be me. Having time to spend with the people I care about + doing all the other things I love: travelling; exploring the world; curling up with a bowl of ice cream + chocolate to watch a late night film.

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in – having it all: the dream work and play lifestyle? Follow along with me as I explore the best way to do just this – hopefully, the majority of what I share will be cross transferable to your life.

Challenge the way you think and the way you live. Let me know how you get on, what you are struggling with, and together we will break through the walls, climb those metaphorical mountains, and ultimately live life as it should be lived.

Be productive, stay happy.


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