Secret Project Update #02

While the effort to make the film as beautiful and dynamic a story as possible resulted in it being too much for a short turnaround animation…it has made itself very adaptable to other mediums, such as an illustrated children’s book.

InkTober 2018 Challenge

Thoughts on InkTober 2018 InkTober is a really interesting creative challenge. Participating for the first time this year, I...

Parkinson’s Law: Deadline Reassurance

Re-reading about Parkinson’s Law and the Pomodoro technique has been oddly reassuring.

Secret Project Update #01

Well, hullo there! It is more or less the middle of October, and I have made soooo much progress in the Secret Project than the last time I posted here. If you were allowed behind the scenes, you too would be amazed! 🙂 but I'm too shy and nervous to share too much...

Sass Character Sketch #01 Josephine and Le Roy

Josephine and Le Roy Sketch #01 Before I dug into the Secret Project in earnest today, I thought I should do a brief watercolour piece. I needed the practice, but didn't really have any idea what to draw. Still, I collected the materials: paints, water....

Looking for Webcomic Sass?

Follow along as young Josephine attempts to thwart her Mafia babysitters and take over the world - by any means necessary. She just has to make sure she doesn't get caught.

How hard could it be?

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