Sunday Letters: Balance Multiple Ambitions

Sunday Letters: Balance Multiple Ambitions

It is no mean feat to balance multiple ambitions at once. It is something which I am currently striving for myself, and a lot of the posts you will find here discuss some of the methods I am currently using to get things done.

And done well.

You can read some of these things here (in no particular order):

It is a messy learning process, certainly. Rather than focusing on one thing, I am the type to put on several (very) different dishes on the stove and cook all of them at once. (And some of them even turn out edible.)

That’s just the sort of person I am. I love the challenge, the complexity.

And, I sort of believe I need the distraction. Else I will end up sabotaging my own work irreparably under the intense focus on learning, boundary-pushing, and creative experiment.

But perhaps, that therein shows that I am missing the point. Surely, the whole point is to be hyper-focused on your craft, push boundaries and discover and invent new possibilities under the spell of curiosity and drive for more?

As such, I am going to again minimise my “distractions” – the wild assortment of projects I enjoy working on simultaneously – this coming week.

I had been learning about branding, having come to the conclusion that the branding for this blog is a bit… scattered, feeling.

I would like to complete just something, soon. I enjoy the feeling of completing something, the satisfaction, no matter how unperfect it may be.

So, if I am to complete something, let it be the main project.

Let me apply my new knowledge to the freelance work as well as the odd and secretive “other project” I may have mentioned here or there in the blog and elsewhere.

I look forward to being a bit more guilt-free working creatively and on my blog when the odd and secretive “other project” is completed.

I have so many blog posts planned. I look forward to fleshing them out and sharing them with you, with the new branding in place.

Hopefully, it will look nice and read well. Perhaps it will even be useful to you? That would be nice, I should think.

A life, no matter how seemingly plain or unexciting, is truly exceptionally interesting.

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Sunday Letters: Model Success or No?

Sunday Letters: Model Success or No?

It’s a regular Sunday today. Grey skies blanket the world below. Brief bursts of April showers fall now and again, but never enough to soak the ground.

Gentle lofi plays while I sip my americano – a jazz and hip-hop mix.

To “Model Success” or No?

This week I have been doing a lot of thinking. About what it means to “model success”.

Don’t do something new! One, then many sources seemed to shout at me over the internet airwaves recently. Copy what has already been done and proven to work.

Well. That sounds all right and dandy. But, see the thing is, I’d really rather not.

Honestly, I have always been a “rebel”. Or more accurately – I’d rather do my own thing.

This formula – to model, to copy. To define your brand from the very beginning, and then to only do what is “on brand”. Then do X, Y and Z… but not necessarily in that order.

All these directions on what it is to “find success”.

But then are you truly growing your own unique business (and) creator’s voice?

I recall the story of how some young entrepreneurs leased a store. (Where this was or what kind of store I can’t quite recall.)

There were no “rules” that said they couldn’t make it into both an independent music venue as well as a shop.

It was possible: they checked the lease agreement and so on. But it was new – it hadn’t been tried and tested; there wasn’t really a “model” to copy.

As the town was in the middle of a long stretch between two main stops for a lot of tours, they hoped to bring in artists who would be passing by anyway. And then they would have to go all the way to either A or B to see a particular artist. They’d come to them.

It was an ambitious ask.

They could have “modelled” success and made a specific venue for concerts, but they did it in their own unique way.

And it turned out to be incredibly successful.

My Conclusion…

Sure, there is nothing wrong with “modelling success” if that suits your business and where you want to go.

Nor, indeed, defining your brand. Have a direction sure, but let it grow organically – even just a little. Don’t second guess every decision’s brand worthiness (or you’ll get nothing done!).

But if a business model doesn’t yet exist, or has yet to be tried and tested, don’t stop yourself from doing so. Don’t be afraid to push the boat out. Even for experimenting with the “tried and true” routes.

If you have the vision, curiosity and can-do attitude for it: do it.

Bringing your own original spark to your business. It’s an adventure, there is no right way.

Top 18 Simple Techniques To Defeat Stress

Top 18 Simple Techniques To Defeat Stress

Chasing your dreams is never easy. In fact, it is super stressful. Working harder than ever because you are so passionate about what you are doing. But being so focused and driven on achieving results, you can leave yourself vulnerable to poor lifestyle decisions.

All that stress and frustration builds up over time, negatively affecting your health and overall productivity. I’ve written about this before with my post “Dealing with Stress Made Easy with these 10 Quick Tips“.

That’s why it’s paramount to develop a lifestyle that has built-in stress relief. So that you can do you at your best.

And that is also why I am sharing this infographic from, which by and large already includes many of the best techniques to stress-proof your life.


Top 18 Simple Techniques To Defeat Stress Infographic


Top 18 Simple Techniques To Defeat Stress

10 Simple Ways to Boost Your Mood This Weekend

10 Simple Ways to Boost Your Mood This Weekend

It’s the weekend, wahoo! Finally. Here are 10 simple ways to boost your mood this weekend. Good mood = everything is suddenly so much better.

So: put down your work tools as soon as you can.

Unless you’re working this weekend, in which case, I salute you! Take a break soon though, yeah?

After all, chilling out is important as it’s good for your overall health and productivity in the week to come.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase from my link I may make a small commission at no cost to you.


Announcement: The Return of Webcomic Sass

Announcement: The Return of Webcomic Sass

Announcement: The Return of Webcomic Sass

I will keep this short and sweet, much like the chapters I make for the webcomic Sass.

Webcomic Sass has been taken off the shelf and is no longer on hiatus.

The “super big project” is largely done. It’s not complete and is still my number 1 at this point.

But slowly, the chapters will be rolling out again.

I thank you for your patience.

You can read it on site, under the Webcomic Sass tab.

Or you can read it on Tapastic/Tapas Media. I am a little quicker to upload it there for no reason whatsoever.

Happy reading and do let me know your thoughts!

Speed Sketch in Copic Sketch Markers | Paddington Bear

Speed Sketch in Copic Sketch Markers | Paddington Bear

Paddington Bear 2 has been out for a while here in the UK. But as I was trying to think of something to draw, I realised it hasn’t been released just yet in the US. #stillrelevant

But anyway, the real reason I wanted to draw Paddington Bear was because: while I was arranging the kitchen cupboards, I noticed several jars of marmalade.

It was just a natural connection really: what does marmalade mean if not Paddington Bear?

Also, I may have used some artistic licence while drawing to make Paddington more cute and adorable (which he is).

Either that or I’m not great with accuracy in drawings.

You decide.

5 Helpful and Realistic Resolutions for a Better 2018

5 Helpful and Realistic Resolutions for a Better 2018

It’s the first day of the New Year and I wonder if you have this New Year’s resolutions at the ready?

Who knows what it is about the turning of the planet that gets us so hyped up.

But what is for certain is that you feel like you get a little extra boost in the motivation department to make a change in your life.

A change for good.

Here are some quick ideas to get you started on this bank holiday and the first day of the year.


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