Secret Project Update #02

Secret Project Update #02

After all, I was right to be hesitant about the launch this Christmas. While I have put a Herculean level of time and effort into this animation project, somehow that effort and time have translated into a behemoth of a project – for one person to do, at least.

As such, I am having to scrape together a plan B. Which is plan A, but with more stops before the end.

Fortunately, there is a silver lining to every cloud.

While the effort to make the film as beautiful and dynamic a story as possible resulted in it being too much for a short turnaround animation…it has made itself very adaptable to other mediums, such as an illustrated children’s story book.

The working title is “A Christmas Tail”, which may be released for this Christmas, all being well.


A middle aged woman looks out at the world as the sun sets on Christmas Eve. First surprised by a hare that pops out of the bushes, she is surprised a second time when he leaves behind a star. In an effort to return the star to the hare, she dashes across the valley and into the woods…and beyond.

I am actively thinking about streaming the drawing and animating process as I go. I will be getting organised for it this evening and if all is ready, I will be announcing stream times over on twitter, so do follow me so you don’t miss out!


InkTober 2018 Challenge

InkTober 2018 Challenge

Thoughts on InkTober 2018

InkTober is a really interesting creative challenge. Participating for the first time this year, I was pleased to get as far as day 20 before dropping out.

I enjoyed the challenge for several reasons: how to interpret the word prompt and making time to complete a response piece.

I alternated in my approach to the word prompt by examining it through various lenses: from the perspective of Sass and the characters of that comic, from my own perspective and from the perspective of brainstorming story ideas, such as with my response to day 8, Star: “Sea of Stars”.

As for finding the time to complete a response piece: it became impossibly difficult. My main work, the coding of the Secret Project and the animation pieces for that grew increasingly demanding. As such, I ended up ending the InkTober challenge early.

My key takeaway lessons have been: a stronger sense of “good enough”, when to call it a day on a piece and better time management as each piece had a shorter and shorter amount of time to complete. Before prioritisation took it out of the picture completely.

I don’t think I have made a massive improvement in my art techniques, but I did surprise myself as I usually work digitally. Drawing on paper was a lot easier than I remembered it being…!

Maybe I will see more improvement next year. 🙂

Sass Character Sketch  #01 Josephine and Le Roy

Sass Character Sketch #01 Josephine and Le Roy

Josephine and Le Roy Sketch #01

Before I dug into the Secret Project in earnest today, I thought I should do a brief watercolour piece. I needed the practice, but didn’t really have any idea what to draw. Still, I collected the materials: paints, water.

Just needed some paper. Snuggled in my work bag beside my sketchbook was my notebook for my comic work.

As such, I decided I should do something in relation to my now much neglected comic characters.

Subject decided, I submerged into the process.

Evidently, there is considerably more practice required. I need to get used to drawing the characters again…!

It was fun to draw them again. Here, Josephine is bartering for another chance (to misbehave) with her chief babysitter, Le Roy.

The paper wasn’t coping too well with the medium, thus keeping it simple was mandatory. As such, I attempted a blue background wash, which didn’t go overly well.

Regardless, the minimal rendering kept it as a sketch, which was all that I wanted for this piece anyway.


Announcement: The Return of Webcomic Sass

Announcement: The Return of Webcomic Sass

Announcement: The Return of Webcomic Sass

I will keep this short and sweet, much like the chapters I make for the webcomic Sass.

Webcomic Sass has been taken off the shelf and is no longer on hiatus.

The “super big project” is largely done. It’s not complete and is still my number 1 at this point.

But slowly, the chapters will be rolling out again.

I thank you for your patience.

You can read it on site, under the Webcomic Sass tab.

Or you can read it on Tapastic/Tapas Media. I am a little quicker to upload it there for no reason whatsoever.

Happy reading and do let me know your thoughts!

Speed Sketch in Copic Sketch Markers | Paddington Bear

Speed Sketch in Copic Sketch Markers | Paddington Bear

Paddington Bear 2 has been out for a while here in the UK. But as I was trying to think of something to draw, I realised it hasn’t been released just yet in the US. #stillrelevant

But anyway, the real reason I wanted to draw Paddington Bear was because: while I was arranging the kitchen cupboards, I noticed several jars of marmalade.

It was just a natural connection really: what does marmalade mean if not Paddington Bear?

Also, I may have used some artistic licence while drawing to make Paddington more cute and adorable (which he is).

Either that or I’m not great with accuracy in drawings.

You decide.

Announcement: Sass Goes On Hiatus

Announcement: Sass Goes On Hiatus

Hello! It’s me Cat here with a quick announcement regarding my webcomic Sass. Earlier this week I put the announcement: sass goes on hiatus out on social media, as well as announcing it on my creator’s page on Tapas Media.

In order to really give something your all, you have to give it all of your focus. Sometimes this means leaving things that you care about to the back burner for a while. This is the case for the webcomic Sass.

At the moment, I really want to give my business my all. While I enjoy creating my comic on the side, and it has really helped keep my drawing skills sharp, it has to go on pause.

Why? I don’t want to let the standard I have for it drop. I am going to do my best and work on it here and there, I won’t deny I would find it hard to go cold turkey on it.

However, production will be slow enough that it’s better to go on Hiatus from publishing for a time. Maybe I will give little extras and sneak peaks here and there as I go, but I’m not making any promises.

Right now, my business and the building of it 100% comes first.

I thank you for your understanding.

I will be posting updates on the progress of the business and being productive on Fridays, here on the blog. For more frequent peaks, follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

To read the comic so far, please visit Sass the webcomic on Tapas Media.

To see more information that I will be updating weekly, stay here and visit the Sass Webcomic section, complete with the comic reader.

Sass Goes on Hiatus: Returns December 2017.

Stay tuned.

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