My Solopreneur Life: 10 Struggles & How To Solve Them

My Solopreneur Life: 10 Struggles & How To Solve Them

I am going to talk honestly about the struggles that I face as a solopreneur and how I am overcoming them.

This is potentially a new series I am going to be creating, either monthly or weekly, depending on both how feasible it is and how much interest you have in it. For now, I am going to keep it to monthly updates and see how we go.

Firstly, I will go over a little bit about me, if you don’t know where I am coming from on this.

Hi there, my name is Cat Garrett and I am a 24-year-old solopreneur. I have worked several stable 9 to 5 jobs since graduating university in 2014, where I studied animation. However, none of them were really meant to be. None of them clicked.

Now, I find myself as a solopreneur, wearing all of the hats and doing all of the work. I take full ownership of every success and every failure.

This month, even this past week, I have had many struggles which I have had to overcome.

Read on for a candid and personal look into building a business – and doing it all by yourself. (more…)

Chill Weekend

Chill Weekend

In keeping with the theme of having an amazing day off, I’d like to take a moment to talk about my amazing and chill weekend.

I am a recent and avid believer that downtime is essential. Before, I did understand this in theory. Of course, I am very hard-core about whatever I do generally and tend to dive into things head first. (Like that time on that one water slide: I fell through the hole into the plunge pool…head first. Oh. My. Days.)


The Magic Effect of an Amazing Day Off

The Magic Effect of an Amazing Day Off

Taking a day off gives you some much-needed downtime. Just as your body needs sleep – your heart rate drops allowing your heart a much-needed breather in order to function fully the next day – you as a person need to go at a slower pace of life at least one day each and every week.

Your imagination, inspirations and overall mental capacity needs time to slow down and collect itself.

Repair missing motivation. Refresh your mental, spiritual, emotional, even your physical reservoirs. This enables you to reload your ambitions for your most successful week yet.

BUT… (more…)

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