The "Secret Project"

A not-so-secretive project.


Pst! I’m working on something secret here, so what ever you learn…keep it to yourself!

Discover more about upcoming and current animation projects and the website which will house them below.

What is this Secret Project?

The Secret Project here is a website which will house independent short animated films.

The website which will  house these short films is largely complete, but there is yet to be anyone to move in.

By that, I mean all of the animation projects are works-in-progress.

2 Dec 2018: Currently, I’m pouring all my energy into making “A Christmas Tale” ready for 2019.

13 Jan 2019: I am determined that this is the year.

Thank you!

  • Functionality 88%
  • Pretty Prettiness 44%
  • Launch Content 19%


Overall Status

Secret Project Update # 03: It’s a Web App!

With a light dusting of snow on the ground, I feel even more excited to get to work today. There is just something about the cold weather when it brings snow that feels so magically playful; the sight, smell and feel of it ignites my imagination anew. Today, on this...

Secret Project Update #01

Well, hullo there! It is more or less the middle of October, and I have made soooo much progress in the Secret Project than the last time I posted here. If you were allowed behind the scenes, you too would be amazed! 🙂 but I'm too shy and nervous to share too much...

Get behind the scenes LIVE with Twitch!

Don’t miss out on the development of the animations and other creative ventures for the Secret Project before they are released! Watch live and chat with me about the characters, process, what’s coming up soon, and more!

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